Scott! Pilgrim!

Thursday: reread Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life. Contemplate the will to experience adaptations. Friday: reread Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Look at tour and photos of Toronto. Monday: reread Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness. Realise this is wrong. Buy tickets to see movie on August 8. Tuesday: reread Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together. Understand that the change in spines reflects a change in content. Wednesday: reread Scott Pilgrim vs the Universe. Think about representations of hegemonic strength and subaltern weakness. Today: buy Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour FTW.

Because Scott Pilgrim is Spaced. The specificities are different: the characters are younger and Canadian. And as a comic it succeeds in the very moment that the television show failed: Series 2, Episode 1, Back, the one with the Matrix pastiche. But these are people I know, things I’ve done, cultural reference points and a sensibility that we share. For the director of Spaced to be adapting Scott Pilgrim seems too perfect to be true. You must read these books…

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