Today in China, May 35th

The big and loud parts of the internet are censored today in China. As a small and quiet part of the internet that, according to this test, can be read today in China, I feel a small responsibility to raise my quiet voice.

At 10:30pm on the 3rd of June 1989, the People’s Liberation Army entered Tiananmen Square, a large plaza near the centre of Beijing. The square was filled with 100,000 students and workers making calls for democratic reform. They had been there for a month. Over a thousand were on hunger strike. The army had to fight to reach the square, which was blockaded by citizens of Beijing. When the army reached the square, they fired indiscriminately. Violence spread. By 5:40am on the following day, the square had been cleared. This is known within China, to the people who know about it, as the June Fourth Incident. More recently it has been referred to covertly as May 35th. Between 241 to 10,000 civilians were killed. The low figure was given by the Chinese government, who also denied that anyone died in Tiananmen Square itself.

Amnesty International and the Victorian Chinese community will have a peaceful presence at City Square today from 4pm to 6pm. They will be providing white roses for people to place in remembrance. There will also be an opportunity to write a message which will be delivered to the Chinese Consulate in Toorak. I will be there.