Watch more Doctor Who

Five complete stories that I have not watched:

  • The First Doctor
    • The Sensorites
    • The Time Meddler
    • The Gunfighters
    • The War Machines
  • The Second Doctor
    • The Seeds of Death

Will I vow to watch them all this year? I only made it through two dumb episodes of The Sensorites back in 2003. But I should be a complete completist if I’m to call myself a fan. I wonder what Pen will think.

There are also nine incomplete First Doctor stories and fourteen incomplete Second Doctor stories that I have not watched in reconstruction. I have no intention of ever sitting through a twelve episode slide show of The Daleks’ Master Plan, but The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve sounds too good to ignore.

6 thoughts on “Watch more Doctor Who

  1. FWIW, I watched The Time Meddler for the first time a few months ago and found it extremely enjoyable. I haven’t seen the others on your list — I don’t know how I’ll ever force myself to watch The Gunfighters — but consider the meddling Monk recommended.

  2. I heartily endorse the injunction contained in the title of your post.

    As for me, I caught an episode of The Gunfighters when ABC repeated the series a few years ago — it looked like a lot of fun! The first of the oddball stories?

    The Seeds of Death is painful. I’m keen to see The Time Meddler, but where is Massacre available? That was one of my favourite Target novelisations.

    To my horror I realised there are actually some Pertwee stories I haven’t seen in their entirety — Mind of Evil and Ambassadors of Death to name two.

    Timelash is another story I haven’t seen in its entirety — though I suspect that makes me an object of envy rather than pity.

  3. I bought The Ice Warriors (with a narrator replacing missing episodes) years ago, but have never made it the whole way through: I don’t expect The Seeds of Death to be any better.

    For The Massacre, check out Loose Cannon, who make reconstructions from extant footage and telesnaps. I’ve seen Marco Polo and The Reign of Terror in that fashion, and would highly recommend them.

    It is shameful for any Australian fan not to have seen all the colour stories!

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