save points

Rose wrote about save points:

Anyway, what got to me today is Scott Pilgrim‘s save points. I’d thought it was cute when one showed up and honestly the video game aspect wasn’t apparent to me in the first volume until Steven explained it. I thought having a bad guy dissolve into coins was just like any other sort of magical realism, just some personal metaphor that worked for the author. And it is, I suppose, but it’s also one that to everyone else who’s turning 28 this year immediately meant Mario or something of that sort, and I was blind to that the way I complain my peers are blind to classical allusions; what you don’t know you don’t know can’t jump out at you.

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I miss symbols all the time, even those I should get. I get hung up on symbols all the time. At what level is any object or action meant to be taken in fiction? I always say, science fiction isn’t a template for the future. But perhaps it is too. How literally or figuratively am I supposed to take violence in all my favourite comics and telefantasy?

I promised to say something about save points, but my Volume 3 is on loan, and my brain is failing me.

All I can think of is this. It is true there is a replay aspect to a save point, but there is also the saving aspect. A save implies some value to the game as it has been played up till that point. Because you can always replay a game from the start. So Scott taking the save point might indicate his acceptance of his life so far, something he might not have done in Volume 1.