Proof that you exist.

Then, an interview with David Eggers, author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. This is interesting in two parts. Part 1, the questions warm you up, prime you for the anticlimax answers. Part 2, the amazing Addendum, prime rant (also featuring mention of a band unknown, Flaming Lips, who sound promising).

Another dimension

Boredom in yer teeth, fear in your hair. What will you do today – you’ve nothing to do, you’ve little to do, you’ve crap to do. How will you keep this up – always learning, always on the move, always uncertain. But me, I’m already on the commoditisation jag, I’m already the future, this is me being a checkout chick. We’re just both wondering what we’re going to be.


Michelle on John Howard’s eyebrows: “You could knit a jumper with those.”